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ScanTrends, inc. representing the best European contemporary home and lifestyle products.

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ferm LIVING and is known for its high quality wallpapers and WallStickers.  The ferm LIVING range also consists of decorative objects, office products, kitchen items, creative storage, furniture, rugs, and textiles. ferm LIVING KIDS is an imaginative collection of wallpaper, WallStickers, toys, and textiles for children.  The characteristic graphic style is  an essential part of ferm LIVING’s products.

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Bengt EK logo and link to website

Quality, functionality, beauty and service are the lead words we follow at Bengt Ek Design of Sweden. The brand has become synonymous with quality, innovativeness and service. The mission of Bengt Ek Design is to combine quality and beauty with functionality, to give the customer satisfaction and enjoyment.

Scandinavian design meets swiss precision with FUNctionality!

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Born in Sweden has a passion for combining highly innovative design with unexpectedly simple product solutions. Located in the heart of Sweden, our company is a mix of flamboyant individuals who see and do things differently and have a wealth of international experience. We are guided by a common goal – to create functional products that work better, solve problems, are a pleasure to use and, of course, look great!


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Danish industrial designer Marcus Vagnby shows with minimalist aesthetics how mind, function and materials go up in synthesis. This is experimental modern design in its use of materials and is often inspired by genuine necessity. His design maintains elements of surprise and deep intellectual beauty, because it relies more on invention than on the development of styles.

Spirit Danish Design is made for the modern and conscious consumers who wants a modern home where style and elegance is of high priority


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The design philosophy of Manostiles is about creating beauty, good atmosphere and order in our home, so that it becomes a place you love being in. The design and colors of the Manostiles collection of cushions, tea towels, organizational boxes, tins, and journals are inspired by Nordic nature that is our proud heritage.

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ShapingYourDay is a brand new Danish brand, created by Mencke & Vagnby, and the first creation is the pendant Snowflower.

Sustainability and lasting design that moves you are the key features “shaping your day”. With a focus on simplicity and functionality of the Scandinavian design traditions, the founders and designers Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby have always had an international approach, making their impact around the globe. www.menckevagnby.com


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Nuance – taste for design

You can discover our philosophy in our very name. The small, well-conceived details combined with functional Nordic design is the nuance that makes the whole difference. We offer you at the same time an elegant, asthetic design and an innovative and practical product.


Nuance Baldur
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The Danish artist Christine Crebas has designed and illustrated 7 characters with background in Howard Gardeners theory of the human being’s 7 intelligences.  Each character has a name, personality and interests based on the characters most expressed intelligence. Interacting with the characters, parents get an excellent way to encourage and develop a child's different intelligences and empowering children's understanding of different ways of thinking and acting. Playing with the characters and listening to their different stories, the children get aware of their own strength and find ways to strengthen and work with their own, more or less expressed, intelligences.

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Erik Bagger Logo with link to web site

Modern Danish design with a twist.  Erik Bagger is constantly developing new products that are meant for daily use and enjoyment.  Make the everyday more inspiring and special with timeless designs from Erik Bagger.  Form and function at its Scandinavian best!

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Legnoart Logo with link to website

LEGNOART , means the “art of wood”, all items conform to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship with a strong focus on innovative design, attention to detail, and the use of “environmentally friendly” materials. The extensive  product range is smart, with a timeless quality which give it its distinctive “lifestyle signature”. 

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